I have to carry around 2 iPhones until my number finishes porting from AT&T to Verizon. #firstworldproblems

Taken with Instagram

Dear Samsung, I’ve had bump on my iPhone for years. Thanks though.

Sushi time! (Taken with Instagram)

Really @netflix? No way to set a preference? I have to deal with this EVERYTIME I open the Xbox app?

Playing with @nodejs and @MongoDB. Fun, powerful stuff!

I guess Joe Girardi has been promoted to the @Yankees Over Manager.

Netflix: Why do I have to select my experience (kids vs. regular) every time on Xbox? I want to pick it once!

GOP rescheduling convention because of Issac. Guess they finally figured out how to react to a hurricane.

Romney, I think Jobs & Gates would credit public education for key early revenue and Ford sells tons of vehicles to municipalities http://nbcnews.to/MlUged

Daft Punk coming through in the clutch for my workout #Pandora

How I use and view social networks. (Taken with instagram)

Even my ‘bad’ experience with Southwest has been better than my ‘good’ experiences with US Air.

My 15” MacBook Pro is no longer under warranty and for whatever reason, OSX Lion would not install.  I took a quick trip to Fry’s to grab a Patriot 240GB Solid State Drive (SSD), a Kingston 8GB RAM kit, and a kit with the right screw driver to open the case.  Cracking open the case and installing the new components was easy.  I restored from my time machine backup and my computer FLYs now.  My Windows VM almost wouldn’t run before.  Now it screams and scored a 4.9/7.9 (7.8 on the hard drive). All-in, it was about $500, but I have $120 worth of rebates yet to redeem.  I highly recommend this to anyone out there!